Stuffed Goose Neck (‘Gęsi pipek’) -  Culinary Gem of a Jewish Culture

Jewish cuisine means a true richness of flavours, unique combinations of ingredients and traditional dishes. One of such exceptional dishes is Gęsi Pipek.
There are two dishes under the name of Gęsi Pipek. One is goose necks stuffed with grated potatoes, onions and meat. The second one is goose stomachs stewed in oil or goose lard with onion and garlic.

The Queen of Fairs in Kraków-Częstochowa Jurassic Highland

Gęsi Pipek is an absolute hit at the Polish festivals and culinary fairs. It is prepared according to traditional recipes; goose meat attracts crowds of food lovers, e.g. at the regional festival in Lelów (Silesian Voivodeship), which is dedicated to Polish and Jewish culture. At the event, guests can try traditional flavors such as Ciulim, Czulent and, of course, Gęsi Pipek. These are the three most famous dishes that proudly present the richness of the Jewish culinary tradition.

Kraków-Częstochowa Jurassic Highland, including the surrounding area, including Lelowa or Zawiercie - where our Production Plant is located, is also a place where you can enjoy delicious goose meat in many restaurants. Gęsi Pipek and other dishes with goose in the main role are not only a tradition here, but also a form of culinary art that surprises with the variety of dishes and flavors. Thanks to their unique recipe, unchanged for hundreds of years, and the extraordinary taste, these dishes become a magnet for tourists who also want to discover the culinary magic of the Highland .

Plush Goose Pipka is a summer 2023 hit

In the whole wide Poland, in every tourist place of the country, plush goose reigns at the stalls. It turns out that Pipka (this is the name of this nice bird) is a real goose that gained its popularity on TikTok. Its owner at the beginning of 2023 has regularly started publishing videos showing Pipka's adventures on Lake Tarnobrzeg and their extraordinary relationship. Thanks to this, Pipka gained immense popularity, especially among the youngest, and became a holiday hit, wandering from TikTok straight to the stalls.

Polish goose is also appreciated abroad

Goose meat has long been recognized around the world, and Poland is one of the largest producers of goose meat in Europe. For years, the largest recipients of domestic goose meat were the Germans and the French. However, in 2018, there was a change and Hong Kong was at the top of the list of the largest importers. This shows the growing interest in this exceptionally healthy meat in Asia.

In Poland, there is a visible increase in the domestic consumption of goose meat. Just a few years ago, an average Pole was eating only 17 grams of goose meat a year. Currently, this indicator has increased significantly and is already more than 300 grams per year. This is as much as 20 times more consumption of this meat compared to the past!

Also at PROMAR we are not indifferent to the phenomenon of goose, in our offer we have a wide range of goose flavors. Starting from the sauce for stomachs, through spice mixes, among others: flavors for pâté, stuffing for dumplings, glaze or spices for roast goose.

To sum up, Gęsi Pipek is a culinary masterpiece of Jewish culture that delights with its richness of flavors and traditional recipes. Goose meat plays an important role during Polish holidays and festivals, especially in Kraków-Częstochowa Jurassic Highland, attracting crowds of food lovers. Moreover, the growing popularity of goose meat, both in Poland and abroad, confirms the fact that the culinary heritage of Poland is still a source of delight and inspiration for lovers of good cuisine around the world.


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