A dizzying amount of butter served with toppings on a board - would anyone expect such an unusual starter? It turns out to be this year's real hit! 

The butter board premiered on social media in September 2022. On her culinary TikTok, American Justine Doiron published a video in which, inspired by the cooking of chef Joshua McFadden, she demonstrates the preparation of her own board. The blogger spread the soft butter aesthetically on a wooden board, and added lemon, onion, honey, fresh herbs and flowers. The prepared unusual appetiser in Doiron's video is tasted with a slice of fresh bread. This TikTok video reached a large audience, gaining 1.1 million likes! What's more, the name 'butterboard' on TikTok currently has over 518.2 million views! 

TikTok has become a food industry influencer and has a real impact on trends. According to research, 36% of TikTok users have visited or ordered food from a restaurant after watching a particular video, and what's more, up to 55% have visited a restaurant with TikTok, simply because the food looked appetising! In addition, food videos on TikTok go viral, and the dish in question becomes a hit very quickly. Interestingly, according to Instagram, generation Z discovers culture through cuisine; as many as 68% of Generation Z social media users would like to try the food of another culture after discovering it online.
Furthermore, the fan base of TikTok and Instagram inspiration continues to grow!

Millenials and Gen Z have fallen in love with the butter board trend - a wooden board filled with a dizzying amount of butter accompanied by various toppings, served with something to dip - pita, breadsticks or crackers. It is ideal for parties and get-togethers. Unusual, tasty and aesthetically pleasing served, prepared sweet or salty. Paired with a board of cold meats, it makes the perfect duo.  
The flavours of the butter boards depend on our preferences and tastes. 

For example, truffle butter is ideal as an accompaniment to sauces, risotto or dishes with mushrooms. On the other hand, refreshing and sour lemon butter will enrich the taste of fish or chicken.
Roasted garlic or chilli butter will also add a touch of flavour to a piece of meat or fish. Grilled pork butt would be perfectly accompanied by melting asparagus or herb butter. What's more, an interesting sweet and salty snack is the combination of honey or maple butter with ... bacon! 

Butter boards are a real culinary revolution, giving you the opportunity to experiment, enjoy the taste and combine the most diverse ingredients. In addition, seasoned butter enhances the flavour of the whole dish, and can even be its most essential and impressive part. 

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