In a fast – changing world, looking for comfort in every aspect of everyday life becomes essential. A dynamic pace of life, busyness and permanent lack of time means a significant increase in demand for ready-made products that are fast, healthy and easy to prepare.

According to, the convenience food segment is expected to keep a continued strong retail sales growth during the next few years, with the market growing by 6.76% annually (CAGR 2023-2028). So it is not surprising that food manufacturers are constantly developing this range of products.

In response to the growing needs of customers, PROMAR also follows this path of development and offers sacheting liquid products such as sauces, glazes, dips in little unit packages, which, when added to the package, create a complementary set that is ready for the consumer.

Sachets tailored to the needs of customer
We have the possibility to manufacture single and tape sachets. We are able to sachet sauces of various consistency (thin based on water, soy sauce, oil, semi-thin sauces and with fine spices; moreover, we offer the possibility of two-phase packaging (water / oil) while maintaining the appropriate weight of a given phase. The sachets can be made of various types of foil , with or without print, also for individual projects.
We also possess an X-Ray detector that allows the use of metallised foil.

Quality and security
Our sauces are prepared with the greatest care and meet all BRC standards, and their distribution in sachets guarantees high microbiological safety.
Size does not matter
The sachets that are offered by us might be of any size and weight. For liquid products, we may offer sizes from S to XXL with a maximum width of 100 mm and a length of 120 mm. Unit portions in a sachet range from 1 g to 150 g. Thanks to this, producers can flexibly adapt the packaging to a specific type of product.

Esthetics without complaints
The sachet is an element of the prepared product, and its surface is a carrier on which we can apply any graphics or content. At PROMAR, we pay special attention to the quality of performance, because an excellent aesthetics has a great meaning here.

Professional consulting
We offer a full advise on technical issues, i.e. selection of the most appropriate laminate structure and thickness for a given product, as well as optimization of the package size or the number of seals.

The sachets enrich convenience food products, i.e. vegetables for pans, dishes with noodles, groats, Asian cuisine dishes or nuggets, offering perfect dosing of spices in a practical and aesthetic form. They enable consumers to enjoy the taste of their favorite dishes in a convenient way.

In the portfolio of PROMAR, apart from sachets for liquid products, we also have a unit pack for spice mixes, sterilized herbs, marinades and glazes. In addition, we offer packaging of products into sachets containing any type of dry mixes and liquid products. The flexibility of our production lines allows us to prepare products tailored to the needs of each customer.

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