Can you combine sport rivalry with an honourable cause? Sure you CAN! That was precisely the goal of Poland Business Run – a business charity relay race, in which we took part on September 3rd in Krakow’s Błonie. It was the 12th edition of the wonderful event.

Ready, steady, GO!

Our company team – PRORUNNERS – took up the challenge and for the first time stood at the starting line together with 9,000 runners from 1,800 teams who gathered in Krakow. However, the run took place all over Poland and even beyond its borders, which was made possible by a dedicated phone app Virtual Run (as we call the running participants using the app) included as many as 27,445 people. In total, 36,445 runners signed up for the event. Each and every one of us covered a distance of 4 kilometers, bearing in mind that each meter of the route was covered in the name of support for those who need our help with everyday struggles. 

More than just a run.

Poland Business Run is not only a competition integrating companies. It is also a huge dose of empathy and action for the sake of others. For many years, thanks to the funds gathered from team registration, this event has been supporting people with musculoskeletal dysfunction and amputees. The stories of the beneficiaries are the biggest driving force behind all the participating teams to help get prosthetics, wheelchairs and rehabilitation funds. 

True stories. 

In this year’s edition, we focus on 23 extraordinary beneficiaries. These are people bound to wheelchairs, wearing prostheses and women fighting breast cancer.

The youngest of the is a nine-year-old Edgar from Małopolska, who has been fighting chronic osteomyelitis for the past five years, dreaming of walking and riding a bike on his own. The other person is Mrs. Patrycja from Wrocław, who has been fighting breast cancer since 2018, underwent a mastectomy yet still emanates strength, determination and a positive approach to life.

However, each of the 23 beneficiaries has an inspiring story of struggle and indomitable will.

It is their stories that make The Run more than just a sporting event. It is also an expression of solidarity and support.

Here at PROMAR, we are a well-coordinated team both inside and outside of our walls, and our joint effort and commitment grants us even more joy from achieving the goal. We are glad that we could take part in this event and join this beautiful mission of helping those  who need our support. We are looking forward to the next edition of Poland Business Run!


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