The snack market today is surprisingly diverse. Snacks are almost a permanent feature of our daily menus, and we reach for them not only at gatherings with friends, but also in moments of hurry, travel or when you just want to grab a bite. Manufacturers offer many variants and novelties to meet customers' expectations. The impaired access to restaurants during the pandemic has meant that snacks have grown significantly in popularity.

How has the post-pandemic snack market shaped up?

Research* shows that up to 85% of consumers worldwide eat one snack each day for pleasure and one snack to satisfy hunger. What's more, we have started to replace traditional meals with snacks - as much as 62% of the population has recently replaced one full meal in their diet with a snack! 

Interestingly, the reason for reaching for snacks depends on the age of consumers. It turns out that:
- those born after 1997 - representatives of Generation Z - reach for snacks to relieve anxiety or boredom;
- born between 1981 and 1996 - millennials - reach for snacks to satisfy their nutritional needs;
- born between 1965 and 1980 - Generation X - snack out of convenience.

In Poland, the pre-pandemic snack market was growing more slowly. In the US, it was predominated with salty snacks. The sales in 2021 reached $23.9 billion, with crisps accounting for the largest share with sales of $6.7 billion and nachos chips with sales of $5.2 billion, followed by cheese snacks with sales of $2.3 billion and ready-to-eat popcorn and pretzels with sales of $1.2 billion. 

Consumers are increasingly looking for mini-meals, which have already become a trend of sorts among snack manufacturers. 

At PROMAR, we are ready to meet the needs of the growing snack market! We create a variety of products without flavour enhancers, or allergens and E-free (clean label). In our portfolio, customers will find a wide range of mixes, sprinkles, sauces and dips, created according to market trends and individual customer needs.

If you have any questions or are interested, we remain at your disposal. Feel free to contact us!


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