Brain at high speed - this is one of the four main trends for 2023, recently announced by consumer trends expert Mintel. 
Their research concluded that society is keen to optimise mental performance at work and at home, as well as at rest, we want to maintain a healthy mind, and we consider concentration and productivity to be the most important mental well-being traits.

For this reason we have started to look for solutions that allow us to use the brain to its full potential and support its work. Among the searches, we focus primarily on our diet. Why is it important to include fish and what are the benefits of eating fish for brain health? 

It has long been said that fish is a healthy and essential component of a balanced diet. This is mainly due to their ingredients and properties. They have a positive effect on the functioning of our intestines, support immunity and concentration. 

For example, protein-rich COD, a source of vitamins B12, B6, thiamin, niacin, as well as selenium, phosphorus and potassium, support human brain function and prevent cognitive impairment in the elderly.

On the other hand, SALMON, a treasure trove of vitamins B, A and E or D and a range of minerals (potassium, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, fluorine, iodine and niacin) is a recommended building block during brain development. What's more, the unsaturated fatty acids it contains improve its function and counteract diseases, including Alzheimer's. Containing almost twice as much omega-3 fatty acids as salmon, mackerel, which is also a source of many vitamins and minerals, helps maintain intellectual performance and reduces the risk of dementia. At the same time, its consumption raises serotonin and dopamine levels, which reduces anxiety and stress, improving mood.

Providing complete protein, TROUT is also a mine of vitamins and trace elements that support proper brain function. The omega-3 fatty acids it contains help to cope with stress, increase the brain's cognitive abilities and optimise brain performance. 

What's more, the sport of fishing provides relaxation in the open air, tranquillity in nature in peace and quiet. Among the rustling trees, in the silence of a pond or lake, away from the city and work worries, we can stop for a while, clear our heads of the multitude of thoughts and relax.

Apart from the beneficial properties of fish, it is worth mentioning their taste qualities. We have known for a long time that fish are full of flavour and aroma, and their proper preparation ensures the highly appreciated tenderness and juiciness of meat. 

PROMAR's offer includes a wide range of natural, multi-coloured mixes and crusts, sterilised herbs, marinades, sprinkles, seasonings, as well as ready-made sauces, which perfectly match fish dishes.

You can also find fish in alginates, which we wrote more about in the article: FISH WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY AND HEALTHY

Take care of your healthy and efficient mind with PROMAR! 

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