This year's 31st Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity took place on 29th January. This noble, public collection, the funds of which are dedicated to the purchase of high-tech medical equipment for Polish hospitals is one that the whole PROMAR team considers an incredibly important goal.

This year, the WOŚP Foundation has decided to support the fight against sepsis - a disease that globally accounts for around 20% of all deaths. Every year there is a different slogan chosen for the event. In 2023  it was: We want to win against sepsis! We are playing for everyone - big and small! With the funds raised, hospitals will be provided with equipment to speed up the diagnosis of infections, which will have an impact on the faster implementation of effective treatment, thus supporting the treatment of sepsis.

PROMAR has been supporting the efforts of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for over 20 years. Also this year, together with the PROMATEC company we participated in the auction of gold hearts, during which we proudly auctioned and added another heart to the collection. Our employees were not indifferent to the collection either - we set up an Orkiestra tin in our company, to which everyone has contributed.

The GOCC is not insignificant also for the President of PROMAR, who said in an interview in 2019: "The idea and atmosphere of acting together and 'doing good' together is extraordinary. It is an action that has united Poles from the very beginning. The goal is very lofty, noble - the treatment of children and, for some time now, also seniors. What could be a more important objective? What is thrilling is the great spontaneity and the people gathering around one idea every year. No other action triggers such enthusiasm and a sense of collective action in the Polish people!". We encourage you to read the full interview with the President

We are heartfully with all the activists, volunteers, and supporters of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

PROMAR will play for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity until the end of the world and one day more!


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