Interview with Andrzej Marchewka, President of Promar’s Management Board

For 27 years, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Grand Finale (WOŚP - PL) has been held in early January. How long has Promar been actively supporting the fundraiser by bidding for the Golden Hearts?

Many companies support the WOŚP, but often this is just occasional. I have been bidding for the Golden Hearts as a private donor since 2002 and Promar joined the auctions in 2004. Together, we have been supporting WOŚP for 17 years already, if we include 2019.

If we value it by the amounts paid during each Finale until and including 2018, the collection is worth over 175 thousand zloty. A considerable amount of money!

We have donated this amount to WOŚP over 16 years. Their purpose is always noble, we know this money is well spent. I received 8 silver-and-gold commemorative medals and 16 Golden Hearts, both as an individual and representing my company. My highest ranked heart had the number 23, while most of the others were within the top 50!

The whole collection was returned to Jurek Owsiak this year to be auctioned again.

In December I realized that the 30th anniversary of our company’s foundation is a great opportunity to give back my and Promar’s medals and hearts to WOŚP, so that they could be put on auction again. We are happy that this idea was received so enthusiastically by Jurek Owsiak. We are very proud of it. This special gift, which WOŚP will put on auction once again, initiates the company’s 30th anniversary celebrations, which we plan to be marked with Promar’s active participation in charitable events.

What is so special about WOŚP, which has been warming the hearts and opening the wallets of people for so many years?

Something that makes them stand out is the spirit of shared charitable effort. Since the time it started, this initiative has been uniting Poles. The purpose behind it is very noble – funding healthcare for children and recently also for senior citizens. Is there any better purpose? The spontaneity and unity that we are seeing every year are heartwarming. No other initiative is so enthusiastically received by Poles and no other initiative gives them such a sense of working together!

You have two grandchildren. Did any of them need the equipment funded by WOŚP​?

As most children born in Poland after 2002, my grandchildren had their hearing screened right after birth. They are still young, so luckily there was no need for them to be hospitalized. I know that, if necessary, equipment marked with heart stickers would be there for them.

What are the plans for the future? Did you bid for more hearts on 13 January?

Yes, of course! This year's hearts will start another collection, which we will give back to WOŚP to celebrate Promar’s 50th anniversary in 2039! We managed to win two hearts: Promar won the heart number 31, for approx. 22 thousand zloty, while I won another one for 18 thousand!

Thank you for this interview. 


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