It is impossible to hide the fact that in most Polish homes carp is only found on the table on Christmas Eve. Statistics show that the average Pole eats only 0,6 kg of carp per year. Why is it worth including it in the daily diet?

Natural, nutritious, low-calorie and healthy, and rich in vitamins!

It is our Polish fish, choosing natural plankton as food, fed mainly with cereal grains. A fish without antibiotics and heavy metals, it can reach our table without travelling thousands of kilometres. 

The nutritional value of carp is determined by the compounds it contains. 
The easily digestible protein makes up as much as 17-18% of its flesh and is of high quality as defined by the nutritional quality index (INQ) of 4.97, i.e. higher than the INQ of eggs and meat or dairy products! 

In addition, carp is a source of high-quality fats, with a fat content of 2-5%, including monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and n-3 fatty acids. A 100 g portion of carp contains approximately 500 mg of EPA and 233 g of DHA. It is worth knowing that it is the fatty acids of fish that are more efficiently incorporated into our lipid plasma than those from dietary supplements. 

What else is this fish rich in? It turns out to be a natural source of minerals such as phosphorus, selenium and fluoride, as well as vitamins:  A, B1, B2, E and D and PP. In addition, carp is an excellent source of iron, zinc, calcium and collagen. What is more, 100 grams of carp are approximately 100 kcal - half the amount of 100 grams of beef and as much as 4-5 times less than pork!  

For children, for athletes, for all of us striving for a balanced diet. 

It is worth knowing that carp is particularly valuable for children. It contains vitamins and compounds essential for their development, especially for the processes of vision, the retina and the circulatory system. Moreover, ingredients included in carp make up for deficiencies caused by lactose and milk protein intolerance.

It is also an ideal fish for all athletes. Due to its content of branched-chain amino acids and antioxidant bioactive peptides, it helps reduce the negative effects of oxidative stress. 

And most importantly, preparing carp does not have to be boring at all!  Sushi made from carp was already prepared in Asia in the 2nd century! More and more often, we bake it in the oven, grill it, smoke it or steam it, and even add it to pâtés, stuffed cabbage, or paprikash.

PROMAR has a wide range of aromatic marinades, various sprinkles, and crispy crusts created for carp in its offer.

We will be happy to help you choose! Feel free to contact us! 


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