Interview with Michał Majchrzak, Key Account Manager

- The issue of brines used in the meat industry has always raised considerable emotions. But modern mixes are a completely different type of functional mixes than those used just a few years ago.

- Yes, indeed, the mixes currently used in manufacturing is a new era of brines. Today, customers are much more aware of their choices, pay great attention to product composition, carefully read labels. Manufacturers know that a “friendly label” is the basis of market success. When making a decision in a store, the customer reads the composition, pays attention to the quantity of additives from the E group. And will know the taste of the product only at home. So taste is of course very important, however the product composition and its appearance play a decisive role in the purchase process, i.e. a nice cross-section without gelation, right color, no meat drip in the packaging.

- What exactly do you mean by a “friendly label”?

- This is first of all limitation of additives from the E group to the minimum necessary. In the past, brines used for industrial manufacturing had quite an extensive composition. We are currently working on functional mixes based on strictly selected high-quality ingredients that allow us to “shrink” the label and meet customer expectations.  

- But do special expectations regarding the composition of the product relate primarily to higher-quality products from the top price range?

- No, not at all. Especially that at the moment, in the era of the pandemics, according to all market surveys, customers tend to choose cheaper products but at the same time they do not intend to give up good quality food. This rule applies to all price levels and also applies to high-performance products. Customers know very well that popular products such as Sopot tenderloin or canned ham do not have to, and even cannot be, of low quality.

- What are the characteristic features of such modern mixes?

- They are designed having in mind measurable benefits for both the manufacturer and the consumer. The manufacturer can choose a preparation that guarantees a friendly label, intended for injection or immersion technology, which guarantees fast, cost-saving and, above all, repeatable manufacturing. If the manufacturing process is carried out as recommended, the end customer will receive a product with excellent structure, good meatiness, hard, firm, and easy to slice.

- What about the taste?

- Taste is the main factor determining whether the customer will return to the store and reach again for a specific product. Our preparations are designed as comprehensive mixes characterized by distinctive, reach taste. Out team of specialists from the Function Development Department makes sure that functional components used during product manufacturing would not disturb taste sensations of the final product, which were composed by specialists from the Taste Development Department. We also offer a tailored solution, giving the customer an opportunity to give their products their own individual and characteristic flavor. We act according to the philosophy assuming full cooperation with the customer, starting from product design, through technological tests, up to required assistance in placing the product on the customer’s production line.

- Thank you for the interview!

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Michał Majchrzak, Key Account Manager
Michał Majchrzak, Key Account Manager