Interview with Tomasz Duda, Product Manager

- We talked about alginate casings almost a year ago. What has changed during this time?

- Together with our R&D department, we work on ideas to create solutions for new alginate casings and ready products. In the autumn, on the occasion of the seminar for the Fish Industry, we presented our clients a colorful casings that we used for new fish products for the first time. They were black and green casings with fish and rice stuffing and vegetables a'la sushi and a whole range of smoked kabanos fish snacks or grilled sausages. This was an excellent example of the synergy of „marine products”. Analyzing the offer available on the Polish market and even more widely - on the European - we can emphasize that such a solution is absolutely innovative.

- In addition to traditional meat products and new fish products, have a number of vegetarian and vegan projects this year?

- We showed and tasted many products in various flavours in line with current trends at customer presentations. Chinese, Asian or Moroccan sausages intended for heating in a pan or grill. But we also created meatless kabanos snack products.

- A very interesting solution that is an absolute novelty is the flavour casings.

- Yes, it is an innovative product, thanks to which customers will be able to feel a new experience. Casings give the product not only taste but also a very noticeable smell. You don't really need to add any spices to the stuffing, because the casing "transfers" its flavour and aroma to the whole stuffing, to which you only need to add only salt.

- Which products are the flavour casings dedicated to?

- They are intended for various products, ranging from kabanos and ending with vegetarian products. At the moment, we have developed three flavours: bacon, aroma of roasted meat and ripening - but this is not the end, we are already working on further flavours.

- Thank you for the conversation. I hope to return to the topic of new products soon.

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Tomasz Duda, Product Manager
Tomasz Duda, Product Manager


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