Barbecue season is in full swing, so it's no wonder that the aroma of roasting meat and vegetables is wafting in the air almost everywhere! 
Over the past two years, a large proportion of families have rediscovered the secrets of cooking, roasting and grilling. Preparing food together and then relishing the tastes of the world in the comfort of their garden is still a celebrated ritual for many families, even though their favourite restaurants have reopened. Year after year, modern gas and electric barbecues are becoming more and more popular. Of course, there are still many supporters of traditional barbecuing who insist that the real barbecue is the one with briquettes, smoke and aroma. Regardless of the method chosen, any fan of grilled dishes will certainly not deny that barbecuing has developed a culture of sorts - a gourmet culture. 

Tasting the world in the comfort of your garden  
We have recently had to cut back a little on our travels and that fact made us appreciate the opportunity to taste the world in the comfort of our garden. After two years of the pandemic, we still enjoy spending time together on picnics and are still open to discovering new specialities from small provinces without having to travel to the other side of the world. Asian, Middle Eastern and South American spices are a big hit among BBQ flavours.
We are increasingly daring to reach for a distinctly sweet Korean-inspired marinade with dominant notes of garlic, ginger and soy sauce. On the barbecue, we also often choose a taste straight from southern Africa, which is undoubtedly a marinade with a paprika and tomato profile with a hint of aromatic spices. We are equally keen to take a Texan-American culinary journey or reach for Chinese flavours on an oriental barbecue. 

It is a fact that each of us strives to improve our health and strengthen our immunity. In previous years, we have appreciated health far more. But is it possible to barbecue healthily? Of course! Grilled meats are not only delicious but also less fatty. Unlike other ways of preparing meat, which involves cooking the meat in its fat, barbecuing allows excess fat to drip off the grill. We often go for very spicy flavours on the barbecue. An apt choice here is the popular capsaicin, an extremely hot spice with many health-promoting properties. This additive reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

Not just meat
Vegetarianism - a growing trend has established itself in many of our homes. More and more people are choosing to limit or completely exclude meat from their diet, but even so, they do not have to give up the barbecue. Cauliflower from the spit, sweet potato from the grill, vegan skewers with onions and peppers or roast aubergine? Sounds delicious! This year, too, many of our grills are hosting 'seasonal gleanings'. Grilling not only enhances the flavour of the vegetables, but also increases their nutritional value, helps to preserve nutrients and, just as importantly, is very easy to prepare. In addition, grilled vegetables and fruit offer us numerous health benefits, i.e. reduced risk of stroke, obesity or coronary heart disease. 

Appetite for culinary experiences observed on social media
Who has never seen the perfect picture of a meal on social media, at the sight of which "our guts are playing marching and our saliva is flowing"? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram? Of course, TikTok is experiencing its true heyday. It is also the one that chefs have gone crazy over, including one of the most recognisable - Gordon Ramsay. Cooks from all over the world use short videos to reveal their culinary secrets, which we are increasingly using in our kitchens or when preparing barbecues. After all, everyone would like to feel like a top-class chef and test their culinary skills. In this case, the appetite grows as you... watch. 

A culinary experience like in a restaurant in your garden
Without a doubt, dishes eaten outdoors taste best. It would seem that barbecuing is just throwing sausages on the grill. Nothing could be further from the truth. Barbecuing is an art of cooking food, which also involves curing and other processing before the dish is ready to be thrown on the grill. However, not everyone has the time, equipment or skills to organise a barbecue party in their garden. Hence, catering companies with a range of services on offer to organise such an event or even the option of using GrillMan's service, are gaining in popularity. A complete garden party service? Why not? 

Barbecue gourmet culture
Even though we have returned to normality, garden barbecues still allow householders to enjoy time together outdoors and are a very popular activity. We take care of our health and are also keen to have fruit and vegetables on our barbecues. Our barbecue appetites are increasingly reinforced by content seen on social media. In addition, we are reaching out more boldly for the services of companies that provide us with excellent culinary experiences. 
We are tasting the world in the comfort of our garden by choosing ever bolder barbecue seasoning blends. Of course, we are not forgetting the classics, because still (according to Mintel) the top barbecue product flavour remains BBQ, which is based on smoke flavouring and modified with maple syrup.

Standard barbecue flavour or an oriental note? In PROMAR's extensive range of dry and liquid barbecue marinades, there is no shortage of classic and sophisticated flavours from around the world! 

We would be happy to present you with our full range of barbecue products. Feel free to contact us! Enjoy!

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