After a two-year gap, we’re proud to re-open our traditional PROMAR OPEN Tennis Tournament. This year the 17th Polish Food Industry Tennis Championships were held on 9 and 10 June 2022, supported by PROMATEC and PROMAR.

The PROMAR OPEN Tennis Tournament is the largest food industry tennis event in Poland, which was organized annually in the years 2004–2019. Despite a two-year break, this year’s edition attracted numerous spectators toa admire this sport discipline. 
Over 40 players registered for the event! The two-week-long games took place on the Jodłowa courts in Olsztyn, over the picturesque Lake Ukiel. 

The championships were held in six categories: juniors, women and men matches, single and double matches. Selection matches, which provided a lot of positive emotions and immense rivalry, took place on the first day. When waiting for the next matches, the audience enjoyed the vibes of a picnic and friendly conversations. 

On Thursday evening, we also met at a ceremonial dinner in the banquet hall of the OMEGA hotel. Then on Friday, the fight for triumph in semifinal and final matches thrilled us with abundant emotions. 

The Challenge Cup for the best team, financed by the President of Indykpol returned from MIKSTER back into the hands of Indykpol. Congratulations!

Fierce competition at the highest level should be noted, of which (we hope) even Iga Świątek would be proud. Numerous victories of the best female tennis player in the world have awakened the real sportsmanship spirit in us! 

More than 80 people – great players and cheering spectators – participated in this year’s PROMAR OPEN.

Despite unfavorable weather conditions, attendance was definitely great and the participants provided us with fantastic emotions, which we will remember for long! A small set of photographs from the event are now available for your enjoyment. 

We’re looking forward to seeing the tennis players next year! 

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