Autumn has arrived with its fluctuating temperatures, rain and strong winds. No wonder that our immunity is put to the test and it is not difficult to catch a cold. The autumn-winter period is a time when we should take special care of our body.

An excellent recipe for increasing immunity is to enrich our diet by introducing fish, which is a rich source of vitamin D, supporting our immunity, and of essential low-saturated fatty acids, including Omega-3 acids, which have an invaluable effect on our concentration, condition and thought processes, and have a protective effect on the cardiovascular system. In addition, fish are a source of protein and vitamins A and E, as well as minerals such as iron, iodine, zinc, manganese, potassium and sodium. It is worth adding that eating fish increases the production of serotonin, i.e. the happiness hormone. We can say without hesitation that fish has an impact on our health and well-being in every aspect and should be on our tables as often as possible.

Poland is a tycoon in the fish industry
In fish processing, Poland is at the forefront of Europe. The country's fish production facilities are among the largest and most modern in Europe, and Polish products are known worldwide.

We are:

- the largest salmon and herring processor in Europe;

- one of the three largest mackerel processors and canning producers in the European Union;

- the largest supplier of fish preserves to the German market;

- a producer of one of the best caviars in the world.

New trend - alginate casings in fish processing.

The latest development in fish processing is products in alginate casings.

Fish sausages are becoming popular, whether in cold form or for barbecues, for example.

Fish snacks, e.g. in the form of kabanos in various flavours, are very popular. Salmon, tuna, mackerel or trout provide a good basis for creating a wide portfolio of fish snacks. Customers are looking for products that are easy and convenient to prepare, such as kabanos, which are quickly gaining markets while providing a healthy snack for school, work, or travel. They are ideal for vending in modern, self-service shops supported by artificial intelligence, allowing for quick purchases without cashiers, queues or cash.

Alginate casings are ideal for this type of product, as they are perfectly in line with current nutritional trends and offer the potential for a wide range of technological applications. An alginate casing is a vegetable product made from marine algae, which forms an almost invisible and sensory-insensitive coating on the surface of the product. In this product group, covers based on sodium alginate and mixtures of natural spices are an innovative proposal from PROMAR. Such solutions are dedicated to triple extrusion, and the finished products gain an attractive appearance and taste.

Covers with the following flavours correlate well with the fish raw material: GARLIC, PEPPER, BASIL, TOMATOES, MIX OF PEPPER. Of course, the range of flavours may be much wider. The spices used in the mix, due to their varied structure, have an additional decorative function.

The use of alginate casings in fish processing ensures perfect harmony of taste and is characterised by very high microbiological purity, which is extremely important for the needs of the fish industry. Most seasonings applied to fish must undergo a sterilisation process to prevent secondary microbiological contamination of the fish flesh. We only use sterilised spices from the very beginning.

In addition, when smoking fish cold or hot, most of the flavour and aroma are eliminated from the spices, the use of alginate casings covers allows not only to preserve but even emphasises the expected flavours and aromas.

PROMAR has been working intensively with the fish industry for many years supporting the development of products for all markets. Our knowledge and experience allow us to work on projects dedicated to distant world markets.

PROMAR products dedicated to fish processing are innovative and unconventional, fitting in with current nutritional trends. The high quality of the raw materials used in our products is a guarantee of the stable quality of the finished product. Thanks to our extensive background, PROMAR is a strategic supplier to the largest companies in the fish processing market in Poland, thus strengthening the strong position of the Polish fish industry.

We invite you to contact us. Our technologists will be happy to answer all your questions and give you specific advice.


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