Interview with Tomasz Duda, Product Manager.

- A month ago we started talking about alginate casings. We already know that they are a very convenient and cost-effective solution for manufactures. What are their advantages for the consumer?

- Customers’ expectations regarding thick sausages and “Kabanos” types of sausages keep on evolving. In addition to such obvious categories as the taste and type of stuffing, there are new expectations that are very difficult or even impossible to meet when using other types of casings.
In the summer season, sausage is a basic “barbecue” product. No other casing will satisfy consumer's current expectations as to a perfect sausage to such extent as the alginate one.
After roasting, the casing gets crispy and almost imperceptible, unlike other casings that become hard and chewy, such as collagen ones. Colored casings improve the appearance and aesthetics of the product. Alginate sausage can be as thin as “Kabanos” and customers are more willing to choose thinner sausages for barbecue – they get ready faster, they are easier to divide and easier to eat. This is very important, especially when we start the grill – a ready-grilled sausage can be quickly served and satisfy the first hunger when the pork neck and blood sausage must be still left on the grill for quite a long time.

- Are these all the advantages of alginates?

- I can also add that alginate casings are perfect for frozen products that can be deep-fried right after being taken from the freezer, which considerably reduces the time needed to prepare a meal. We can also heat them up in microwave ovens.

- Is there anything you are particularly proud of?

- Yes, I have an interesting detail to conclude. As a spice company, we also work on creating new flavors for products in alginate casings. The last interesting product that has been very well evaluated by many of our customers during testing and tasting is a “Kabanos” type sausage in a black gel with chocolate flavor and a bit of chili. The Kabanos has received numerous positive opinions and is already being introduced to one of the European markets. This is a perfect example of the values ​​that guide our business: basing on trend analysis, we create ready-made solutions for our clients that they can sell to their customers.

- Thank you for the interview.

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Tomasz Duda, Product Manager
Tomasz Duda, Product Manager