Interview with Dorota Krzemińska, Regional Sales Manager.

- As the Regional Sales Manager responsible for sales in the Northern Region, you have paid particular attention to the Fish Industry. 

- Yes, it came about naturally. My region is definitely leading in this industry. I think it's natural and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. On the other hand, the position and importance of the Polish fishing industry globally is an interesting thing. The facts are that Poland is the largest salmon processor in Europe and this part of the world; Poland is in the EU's top 3 mackerel processors; Poland is the largest supplier of fish products on the German market; Poland is the largest herring processor in Europe; Poland is in the EU's top 3 largest producers of canned food; Poland has the most modern plants in the EU; some of the best caviar in the world is produced in Poland.

- That sounds impressive. As you can see, there is work to be done.

- In recent years, we have observed a large development of topics and technological projects that are carried out in fish industry plants. It's not just hot or cold smoked fish and herring in pickles. Today, these are projects on a global scale, ready meals, sushi, ready-to-cook, convenience food.

 - Does the Polish fishing industry work for clients from all over the world?

- Yes, we receive projects for the markets in the US, Canada, Japan, and the EU. Often these are completely new taste directions for us. We take up these challenges based on the commitment, openness and imagination of our Taste Development Department, which is led by Anna Płachetka. The possibility of non-standard solutions tailored to individual customer needs and quick response means that we are perceived very professionally. Recently, from a company completely unknown in this industry, we have come to the forefront. We have built our position in a very short time and today most of the leading fish processing companies are our regular clients.

- What in Promar's offer has particularly met the needs of this industry?

- The specificity of fish production and processing technology requires meeting particularly high microbiological requirements. The PROPURO brand responds perfectly to these needs. Spices subjected to hybrid sterilization are safe and guarantee that the fish will not be re-infected.
Along with the Application Center, together with our clients, we have conducted a number of successful product tests in alginate gels on the CONPRO LINK line. This is a very promising direction that should develop in the coming years. It is part of the current nutritional trends. The alginate casing made from sea algae used for "packaging" fish fillings ensures perfect harmony of taste, origin, and production. Sausages or “kabanos” made from salmon, cod or other fish are a new hit product entering the market. The consumption of fish and fish products is increasing, and customers are looking for fish meat products that are easy and convenient to prepare.

- So we can assume that Promar's relationship with the fish industry will continue to develop?

- The R&D department is working on expanding the offer for the fish industry. At such a pace of development, nutrition trends, we have lots to do and a long way to go. We are only sorry that a small part of the products that come out of the production lines of our Polish fish factories are reaching the Polish market.

- Thank you.

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Dorota Krzemińska, Regional Sales Manager.
Dorota Krzemińska, Regional Sales Manager.