Interview with Dorota Krzemińska, Senior Key Account Manager

- A few months ago we talked about the strong position of the Polish fishing industry globally. Could you say something more about how it happened that Promar, known for cooperation with the meat industry, turned towards fish?

- The breakthrough came a few years ago. It enabled us to establish a new plant in Zawiercie with an R&D department and a team of specialists in the field of flavor development. At this point, we were ready to create an offer for the fish industry from scratch, which has completely different characteristics from the meat industry.
We are extremely grateful to the industry, especially our first customers, that they trusted and believed in our capabilities, accepted us into the group of suppliers. At present, our R&D department has "learned the industry" so much that it can react very quickly to the needs of our clients. We can offer optimal solutions, we know what to do and how to do it in order to achieve the best results. We are proud that over a course of a few years we managed to build the position of a strategic supplier for several of the largest companies on the fish processing market in Poland. It was a really good learning curve for us!

- What are the main differences between the industries?

- Fish have very high requirements, here you really need a lot of knowledge and experience.
First of all, the needs of the fish industry are characterized by very high microbiological purity. Most spices applied to fish must undergo a sterilization process to prevent secondary microbial contamination of fish meat. Secondly, if we go into the technological secrets a little, the process of smoking fish cold or hot very effectively "eliminates" most of the aromas and taste from the spices. Mixes that are applied to fish must have a very strong, excellent quality composition that will remain after the smoking process.

As for the product range, however, it is an offer from the same group but prepared per the specifics of fish processing. Considering that we are ultimately working on products that find customers all over the world, this is the full spectrum of our production: dry marinades, wet marinades: oil and water-oil, sterilized decorative and flavor granules, alginate casings, sterilized herbs, cryomilled peppers, sauces, fillings, crusts, breading.  It is also important that our products are innovative, the technological solutions are characterized by low dosage, a limited amount or complete absence of E additives, which guarantees a clean label of finished products.

- What else characterizes the fish industry in Poland?

- As I mentioned during our previous conversation, Polish fish factories are one of the largest in Europe, and their products are known all over the world. We estimate that about 75% of the production carried out with our participation is intended for export, while each subsequent country is an opportunity for us to expand our portfolio and gain more experience. The fish market in Europe has no secrets for us anymore. We've worked on products for sale in the United States, Canada, Japan, and even Australia recently! These distant markets are characterized by completely different expectations, and the specificity of production determines the form of our activity.
The offer designed and dedicated to the fish industry takes into account all the technological conditions related to the specificity of the raw material, the technology, and the expectations of target customers.

- Thank you!

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Dorota Krzemińska, Senior Key Account Manager
Dorota Krzemińska, Senior Key Account Manager